Posh Luxury Imports is a dealership and car rental hub changing the future of the car buying and leasing process giving you the consumer the ability to fully customize your vehicle without ever having to visit a dealership. A Posh representative will guide you throughout the whole car buying process from financing and customizing, to delivery of your car to your front door step. Posh's goal is to cut time and alleviate  most, if not all, of the pains that consumers experience in the car buying process 


Posh gives you the ability to specify exactly what car you want, and we will locate options and negotiate the price on your behalf. No more waiting at a dealership for hours and filling out a load of paperwork.

The Luxury of Convenience

Posh Luxury Imports is uniquely designed to meet our clients busy lifestyles and specialized demands. What we are introducing is the ability to choose the vehicle of the client’s choice, with all the options they desire, without ever having to step foot inside of a dealership.


Here at Posh Luxury Imports, we want to get you behind the wheel of the car, truck or SUV of your dreams! Have you been looking for a financing company that has lots of options? Posh is the premier choice in Los Angeles - use our site to get pre-qualified for financing now, then be on your way to having your vehicle delivered to your front door! Our financing staff is ready to help you find the perfect financing for your auto lease or car loan.